The 106 Days That Were

Day 1
The adventure begins…

Day 2
Waking up to their first morning in the BB House, the Housemates experience a number of other firsts too – the first in-house hangover following a night of revels, their first Diary Sessions with Big Brother himself, and their first (but not their last) discussion about sex.

Day 8
The Housemates were asked to compose an anthem for the House, and the result was the 12 Allied Anthem with accompaniment by Stefan on guitar. Each Housemate had a solo and a chance to express what their country – and their continent – means to them.

Day 11
After ten days of harmony and positive vibes, the inevitable spirit of conflict entered the BB House, sparked off by Gaetano and Bayo on the subject of certain Housemates not pulling their weight. But with twelve strong personalities in one confined space, it is natural for disagreement to occur, and things soon calmed down (for the moment, anyway).

Bared more than just their souls Day 21
The Housemates’ ad hoc task had them paint one another, a job involving a good deal of physical contact. Perhaps spurred on by the touchy-feely paint project, the girls became a little frisky with the guys. And in the same spirit Abby and Gaetano shared an intimate kiss in the jacuzzi.

Day 28
Day 28 was a day to remember as Abby and Gaetano had sex. The duo got close under the covers in spite of constant interruption by their Housemates, and when ‘it’ was over Abby apologized to her mother. This was also the day that an angry Alex gave Big Brother the finger.

Day 29
The BBA Housemates were hit with a curve ball when Gaetano was shipped off the UK’s Big Brother house in an international Housemate exchange deal. Things become even more interesting on Day 30 when the UK’s Cameron arrived at the House as Gaetano’s replacement (and Cameron, incidentally, went on to victory by winning BB UK).

Shared their most thoughtful moments Day 33
Gaetano kissed British Housemate Nush (it was later rumoured that he did more than just kiss her) on the same day that he left the UK and returned to the BBA House. Cameron left the African House for the UK, switching places once again with Gaetano.

Day 42
TV chef Ainsley Harriott visited the BBA House to share a couple of culinary secrets. And, to add to the eventful day that was, Bayo went nude in support of the Unite Against Hunger Campaign.

Day 69
After a rollercoaster relationship – one that included sexual intimacy and allegations of more sexual intimacy (this time between Gae and British Housemate Nush) – Gae proposed to Abby in the early hours of the morning. She didn’t quite say yes but he sure was distressed when she was evicted on Day 85.

Had many surprises Day 70
Mwisho and Tapuwa spent the night together, although Tapuwa said that nothing more happened between them. Mwisho said he had a ‘glorious, glorious night’ and spent the next morning with Tapuwa in his arms.

Day 83
In a major BB crying session, the Diary Room was the scene of outpourings by both Cherise and Abby. Cherise cried during her session because she was worried about things back home, and Abby was feeling the strain of being a BB nominee.

Day 86
Gary Bailey visited the House carrying the English Premier League cup, and challenged the Housemates to a soccer quiz. Then Gary and the Housemates took to the grass for a game of soccer by night.

And we watched them change Day 105
CNN broke the ‘no outsiders’ rule visited the BB Africa House, together with children and workers from Cotlands Baby Sanctuary. Veteran journalist Paul Tilsey interviewed the Housemates who then partied with the Cotlands kids.

Day 106
Big Brother Africa came to an end, and Zambia’s Cherise emerged victorious.

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