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In the UK, Channel 4’s Chief Exec Mark Thompson has announced that Big Brother 5 is heading for TV screens next year – but only after a major facelift. The channel was reportedly disappointed with the performance of Big Brother 4, and changes will be made before the fifth season of the reality show airs in the UK in 2004.

Thompson and his team are keeping their guard up and their lips tight, and Thompson has only commented that, ‘I can’t tell you what’s going to happen in Big Brother 5, but one thing you can be sure about is that it will be different from Big Brother 4.’

BB4 may have been a downer for channel execs, but it sure hasn’t been a disappointment for its winner. Cameron Stout has been named Scotland’s most eligible man in his country’s annual Top 100 list. The thirty-two year-old fish merchant has, in fact, also been named Scotland’s most eligible virgin on account of his Christian moral sensibility. Stout took the Bible into the BB House as his book of choice, and made no secret of his virginal state.

Who you callin` a bird brain?! Speaking of all things sexual, Italian premier Silvio Berlusconi’s TV company has been fined for broadcasting a Big Brother sex scene during a prime time family viewing slot. In Italy Big Brother is broadcast on Canale 5, one of Berlusconi’s three TV stations. The fine for screening the BB sex scene marks the first time the channel has been penalized for explicit content – even though it has featured a number of raunchy scenes in the past.

The authorities claim that the fine would have been higher, only Berlusconi apologised on behalf of Canale 5 and the apology softened the blow.

And in case you’re wondering what may become of ex-Big Brother Housemates, former American contestant Will Mega is running for US office. Originally known as William Collins, he later became known as ‘Mega’ on the 2000 season of the American Big Brother. Now Will Mega is seeking a seat on the Philadelphia City Council and refers to himself as a ‘hip-hop political-activist candidate.’

Not quite prisoner to president, but Housemate to City Councillor still has a certain ring to it.

And the latest news from our own former Housemates is that the BBA contestants are scheduled to appear in Uganda on November 28. The Big Brother Africa Housemates will be in Kampala as part of an AIDS fete to coincide with World AIDS Day on December 1. For more details on this event stay tuned to this site, and we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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