And the winner is…

Cherise Makubale from Zambia walks away with USD100 000 and the title of ultimate winner of Big Brother Africa 2003. The atmosphere was electric and emotions could not be contained as Mark made the announcement. Cherise, the crowd and no doubt Cherise’s fans all over Africa went absolutely wild.

Party time Mwisho, the runner up and by no means a loser, came out of the House to be greeted by appreciative fans and family. He certainly didn’t look like he was disappointed by the result, and will no doubt be reaping the rewards of being Africa’s second most popular Housemate. On the other hand, he’ll probably take comfort in knowing that he couldn’t have lost to a better winner. And then it was time for the winner to walk the red carpet, this time one of glory.

Cherise is the winner Congratulations Cherise! Africa could not have chosen a better winner, and her fans and family could not have agreed more. She not only walks away with a lot of money and prestige, but Cherise can take pride in being the most loved Housemate in all Africa.


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